Why Choose Us…?

Because we have…….

Turjotex Accessories is committed to upholding customer satisfaction by providing superior quality with greatest care, professionalism and accuracy.

• Green plant

• Innovative designs-with care and in style

• High quality control

• Competitive price

• Belief in honest dealing

• Commitment to timely shipment

• Management system spread up to the possible depth

• Safe, secure and fast online communication

• Total composite unit for one stop services

And we care for……..

• Eco-friendly environment

• Long term relationship with valued customers

• Medical facilities for workers

• Most advanced fire and safety equipment and safe building

• Sufficient ventilation in production areas

• Upholding human rights

• Helping prevent child labor and absolute compliance with the

  Existing labor law codes and recommendations in Bangladesh.

Turjotex’s goal is to provide products and services so outstanding that we will always be the provider of choice. By virtue of sincerity, best efforts, commitment to timely delivery and perfectionism of its management, office executives and workers, Turjotex accessories is now the trusted and renowned name in garments industry.